😲 Shocked emoji

😲 Shocked emoji

The Shocked Emoji is a visage with wide-open eyes and a wide-open mouth that typically expresses surprise. This emoji is used to express astonishment, amazement, or complete disbelief.


🤯 Exploding Head
A yellow visage with an open mouth, the tip of its head erupting in the form of a mushroom cloud resembling a brain. It is a visual representation of the phrase "mind blown" and can represent emotions such as astonishment, admiration, wonderment, and disbelief.

😲 Astonished Face
A yellow visage with wide-open eyes, arched brows, and an open mouth, as if in astonishment or surprise. Typically depicted with its upper canines visible. May convey a variety of sentiments, such as astonishment, wonderment, admiration, disbelief, exhilaration, and concern.

⚡ High Voltage
A symbol for excessive voltage that serves as a warning against electrical injury. Depicted as a yellow, angular projectile.

😨 Fearful Face
As if experiencing a frigid flash, a visage with small, open eyes, an open frown, raised eyebrows, and a pale blue forehead. The design of Samsung displays upper canines and tongue.

😧 Anguished Face
A visage that is yellow with tiny, wide eyes, an open scowl, and elevated eyebrows. The design of Samsung displays upper canines and tongue. The meaning of this expression differs greatly, but it can convey alarm, bewilderment, or sorrow, as if in astonishment or concern.

😵 Face with Crossed-Out Eyes
A yellow visage with Xs for eyes and a mouth that is round and wide. Frequently depicted with their eyebrows raised or furrowed. The design of Facebook depicts a purple cranium. Previously, spiral eyeballs were displayed on some platforms.

😮 Face with Open Mouth
A yellow visage with small, open eyes and a large, round mouth, drooping with surprise or astonishment, as if exclaiming "Wow!" or My God!

😱 Face Screaming in Fear
A yellow visage with wide, white eyes, a long, open mouth, palms pressed against cheekbones, and a pale blue forehead, as if it has lost its color, screams in terror. Its expression is reminiscent of the famous painting The Scream by Edvard Munch.

🤭 Face with Hand Over Mouth
A yellow visage with its mouth covered by a hand. Displays most frequently with beaming eyes and/or flushed cheekbones, implying flirtatious amusement or chagrin, as if cheekily exclaiming "Oops!"