💝Valentine emoji

💝Valentine emoji


There’s no single emoji called Valentine’s Day emoji, but there are several that are used on the holiday and are known as Valentine’s Day emoji, including ones depicting hearts, flowers, gestures like kisses,..

💝Heart with Ribbon
A heart-shaped container with a ribbon closure. Box of jewelry, a box of chocolates, or a gift box.

💘Heart with Arrow
An arrow passes through the center of the heart emoji, symbolizing the projectile that Cupid uses to seek love.

💌 Love Letter
The reverse side of an envelope, typically illustrated in red and featuring a heart-shaped seal. Depicts an affectionate greeting card, valentine, or letter or memo of love. Frequent usage for communicating a range of emotions or messages pertaining to joy and affection

🌹 Rose
A rose in scarlet. A solitary, vertical crimson rose atop a green stem is represented.

🌷 Tulip
A tulip blossom in pink. Depicted atop a green stem as a solitary, vertical pink tulip.

💐 Bouquet
An arrangement of vividly hued blossoms. Typically portrayed as an assemblage of pink and yellow blossoms accompanied by green stems that are intertwined. Situated at diverse angles throughout the platforms.

🌺 Hibiscus
A flower known as a pink hibiscus, which thrives in tropical climates. A solitary, deep-pink hibiscus blossom is illustrated, adorned with green foliage and a conspicuous yellow stamen.

🌼 Blossom
An instance of a flower that has emerged. Depicted as a flower with golden in its center and white or yellow petals, resembling a daisy.

🌸 Cherry Blossom
The rosy blossom that blossoms from a cherry tree. A solitary light-pink cherry blossom is illustrated, featuring five notched petals and red-tipped filaments amidst a yellow or white center.

🏵️ Rosette
Rosettes are ornamental, flower-shaped ornaments that are frequently accompanied by a ribbon or medal, particularly in military contexts. A motif that is evident in ancient cultures. Typically portrayed as a yellow-and-orange, spherical blossom.

💮 White Flower
A stylized bloom in white. Typically portrayed as a rosette-shaped cherry blossom with a white interior and a pink or red outline.