🤓 Nerd Emoji

The Nerd Emoji is also a widely used emoji on the internet. Do you often use this cute emoji in your online conversations with friends?

🤓 Nerd Emoji

Well, what does Nerd Emoji really mean? Is it implying positive meanings? Let’s find out here!

Nerd Emoji Meanings

On most platforms, a yellow cute face with all the nerdy details, from thick round glasses to buck teeth, and an awkward smile.
Over time, some platforms changed their nerd faces, and they no longer have buck teeth. However, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, WhatsApp, and other platforms still use designs for the "nerd face"emoji that have buck teeth.

The "Nerd Face" emoji was officially a part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015. In the very same year, it was also added to Emoji 1.0.

This emoji may be used in, well, different meanings, depending on the context.

For example, as "nerd" is known as smart, weird-looking, or even goofy, use the "nerd face emoji" or face geek emoji (as sometimes it’s called face geek emoji), to show you are in a smart, or awkward mood.

These are a few things about this emoji. Well, the Nerd Face Emoji is available on EmojiHub for you to copy and paste so easily. So whenever you’d like to use this emoji, visit emojihub.org and search for it to use.