🐐 Goat emoji

🐐 Goat emoji
The goat emoticon is used to indicate that a person is exceptionally talented, if not the Greatest of All Time. This label is frequently applied to athletes, particularly hip-hop artists.

🐐 Goat
A goat is a robust, hoofed animal that is reared for its flesh and milk. Depicted as a light brown, white, or multicolored goat on all fours facing left, with a scraggly beard, an upright tail, and brown or yellow antlers that curve backwards.

β™‘ Capricorn
The astrological sign Capricorn in the Zodiac. This Astrological Sign represents a Goat.

πŸ‘ Ewe
A female sheep reared for her fleece, flesh, and milk and lacking the spiral horns of rams. Depicted on all fours, facing left, with a dense white fleece and black, gray, or white epidermis.

🐏 Ram
A male shepherd with spiraling, enormous antlers. Typically depicted on all fours, facing left, with a dense, white coat and light-brown antlers.